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Love and chocolate

Love and chocolate

Love and chocolate

Today’s episode of Zumbo’s Just desserts was all about chocolate and love.

Do you think they are the perfect match?


If you search the meaning of the word LOVE the description is: a great interest and pleasure in something, the feeling that your life has no meaning or purpose without it.

Do you relate any of those feelings with chocolate? I do.

IMG_1608 After all these years working with desserts I have learnt that seeing an impressive presentation followed by interesting flavours creates a sensory overload that is almost uncontrollable.  At Zumbo’s Just Desserts it was no different.

What I’ve experienced during the show is that many of the contestants were overpowering their chocolate dishes simply because they didn’t use the right type of chocolate or the right ratio to balance.




 Today I am sharing some basic information about matching flavours with chocolate so everyone can relate.

 Chocolate is versatile in richness, flavour and taste. And let’s just say that it’s a great way to seduce in a romantic situation.

To achieve a perfect match between chocolate and other flavours it’s essential to understand the percentage you are baking with. The percentage printed on the packaging means the amount of cocoa the chocolate contains. A higher percentage has a more intense chocolate flavour and will be consequently less sweet.


DARK CHOCOLATE has the entire characteristic of the description above.IMG_0007

When choosing dark chocolate you will need to neutralize the bitterness. Some great combinations for dark chocolate are: Salt, caramel and spices.


MILK CHOCOLATE is the result of a conventional dark chocolate base with additional milk powder in it. It’s Ideal for mousses with a soft finished product.


Now for the WHITE CHOCOLATE. It doesn’t have any cocoa solid at all and tends to be overly sweet. This type of chocolate is a combination of milk powder, cocoa butter and sugar.


If choosing a sweet chocolate to bake with the inclusion of an acid ingredient will complement the balance of your dessert such as passionfruit, raspberry, lime and pineapple.

IMG_3381 copy

‘Passionfruit Brulle insert in a 45% milk chocolate mousse’

















Happy baking
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