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Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes

The Great Chinese Dynasty inspiration wedding cake 


I love cake decoration. I am always learning new techniques and colour and textures and I get excited all the time with the final result.

What i like most about it? The search behind it. Every single cake I make it has a history behind it, something to tell, someone desire and something to get inspiration from.

This cake I made last weekend in specific I had the freedom to design the cake I though would look great and it had to be a masterpiece. The cake had to be related with The Chinese dynasty.

I’ve been searching and learning a lot about it. There were so many options to use, the details of any Chinese history is unreal beautiful. But when you have to translate the details into cake decoration is important to make sure the design will flow with the theme and still looking elegant.


I choose gold and red as my main colours. To paint my fondant gold I used Rolkem SuperGold E175 20g diluted in Rose spirit. I painted the white fondant twice and the shine you achieve is amazing. Gold leaves are another option but way more expensive.
The challenge part for me was the details. I need details but I want to keep clean an elegant. I use Gold FlexiLace mixture and SweetLace style to mould the lace. I used red and champagne colours of crystals and silver sugar pearl.  Royal icing piping painted with super gold.
I love fresh flowers and I thought nothing better then use the flowers to symbolizes the red.
The location was at Sydney University Castle and the decoration was perfect to complement the wedding cake design.

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