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The morning show

The morning show

Gigi Falanga cooks brazilian dumplings at the Morning show Channel 7

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 First experience on live show teaching Australians a little bit of this Brazilian donut call “the little raining cakes”. I made my little twist using our traditional caramel “dulce de leche” as a filling. Makes all the difference.
This is a family recipe. My Aunt used to make this cakes for my cousins and I all the time as an afternoon snacks and I love it. It is delicious fresh and warm. It reminds me when I was a kid.
The recipe is at Yahoo 7 post but I though I should share it here as well for those interested to have a goal.

For dulche de leche filling :

  • condensed milk can (395g)

Boil over medium heat the condensed milk in boiling water in a tall saucepan.

You basically will caramelized the condensed milk till it become the dulce de leche, that is a type o caramel.

The process will take at least 2 hour and make sure your can is cover in water the entire time. The pressure cooker is a better option and it just take 30 min.

Raining cake:


2                                        eggs

2 tablespoons                  caster sugar

1cup                                 milk

2 1/2cups                                    flour

1tablespoon                     baking powder

pinch                                salt

1 teaspoon                       vanilla paste (optional)


3 cups                               vegetable oil (for frying)


For dusting:

3 tablespoons      caster sugar

1 tablespoon        cinnamon powder



 Heat the oil in medium temperature.

In a bowl whisk eggs and sugar till combine (and vanilla if using).

In a separate bowl mix baking powder and flour.

Alternating flour mix and milk into mixture till all combine.


Using a tablespoon take some of your dough and deep carefully into the hot oil. If the dough ball sinks to the bottom of the fry pan it mean your oil is not hot yet.

Keep turning the ball around the oil till golden colour.

Remove and rest in a bowl with paper towel and them straight into dusting sugar cinnamon.

Using a piping bag fill the dumplings with duche de leche.

Happy baking!!

instagram: @by.gigi
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