By Gigi | Made it to the local Manly Daily newspaper
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Made it to the local Manly Daily newspaper

Made it to the local Manly Daily newspaper

It was such a pleasure to be on Mainly Daily local newspaper last month.

I live on the Northern Beaches since I arrived in Australia. Freshwater has always been my favourite place to be in the entire word.

I started my career around the Northern beaches but the pastry career push me to the city. The travel can be tiring sometimes but the enjoyment of being close to the beach surround by a relaxing vibe on my days off is amazing. 

  IMG_2125 IMG_2124

Lucky enough after leaving Shangri-la I received the opportunity to be part of Zumbo’s New Dessert Tv show on Channel 7 and the local media was interested  to know a little bit more about my work. 
I got inspired by the ocean and the beach lifestyle and created a mousse cake, call entremet, using fresh ingredients. The flavour was Lychee and mandarim on a bed of shortbread.
The lychee was the main mousse and the mandarim flavour was the layers inside the cake as a gel and as a creme texture. The shortbread underneath  had some mandarim zest and it complemented the softness of the cake.
When it comes to decoration I love to do mini versions of everything. I called my sweet garden look. For this cake a use some of the shortbread crumbs, a lychee microwave sponge, some meringue kisses, white chocolate work representing some leaves, some mandarim mousse segments and baby herbs. Umm!
After the photoshoot we had the cake for breakfast and it was yummy and light!! 
Cakes are my main passion and I am planning one day to be able to open my own pastry shop on the Northern beaches. 
But if you like my style of cakes you can order through my website
instagram: @by.gigi
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