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Kids party Cake

Kids party Cake


Cake decoration isn’t just about being an expert, it’s about using your imagination to make edible creations. If you are attempting to make your own you will definitely need a few tips and tools, but having fun is the main objective.


I started decorating cakes for my friend’s little ones and I love the entire concept behind it. The cake is one of the the biggest moments at a kid’s birthday party and it’s a special feeling to give someone a magical cake.

 Tip N1: Pick your figurine or theme to start off. Search for some references online or through cookbooks to get inspired. Try to design your imagination on a paper so you have a guideline. You might change a few details here and there but a plan will help you focus in one direction. Your imagination can make your mind wander off track in the wrong direction so your guideline will help you stay focussed on the desired end product.

Tip N2: Choosing bright and vibrant colours is another good tip for children’s cakes between 6-13 years old because it catches their attention, like Amie’s “Under the Sea” cake and Kate’s monster cake. Pastel tons are more preferable for baby showers, early birthdays or christening.


Tip N3: Take the taste of the cake in consideration, it is not just about sugar. Using Brogen and Ashley cakes creation as an example. Also don’t underestimate children’s judgment when it come to flavours. They are very critical. From experience I had on the show, the kids were very critical on the tasting panel and they were even choosing sparkling water instead tap water!.

Tip N4: you have 3 options to decorate your creation.

  • Buttercream is very popular and it’s a combination of sugar, eggs whites and butter. The consistency should be smooth and thick enough to hold pipings.
  • Ganash is basically a thick consistency of cream and chocolate together. Tastes much better than buttercream in my opinion but you need to search for the right recipe.
  •  Fondant is a popular ingredient to finish your cake decoration over a ganash or buttercream foundation. It’s very flexible to assemble 3D figures and nowadays you can buy very good quality ready to use icing. I use the Bakels brand.

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The minion was my favourite kid’s cake that I’ve made. I got so attached that I didn’t want to do the delivery!

I had to search for weeks to help find the right structure. I wasn’t sure about the height of the cake and how I was going to combine all the elements in one. But I had so much fun during the process that in the end I couldn’t be disappointed.


Get inspired and try your own.

Happy baking!!
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